Liver Cake Recipe

Updated: Mar 1

The Only Dog Treat You Will Ever Need

Firstly there are some things you need to know about me and recipes. My husband will laugh (more like snigger) at me and say 'what recipes' but id have to tell you hes right... where it says 100g i would treat it like the petrol fueling pump, i will try to get it bang on but sometimes its just a little (sometimes a lot..... ok almost always a lot) short or over.... i don't think there is any harm in that as long as i do the same with the other ingredients.... right?!.... Some of my baking doesn't work out and i'm still sure it's my oven not my casual recipes. So here is my first ever written recipe and it's only natural that its a cake that is ALL for dogs :)



  • 450(ish) grams of liver

  • 450(ish) grams of self raising flour

  • 3 large(ish) eggs

  • Milk


I don't know about you but I hate the smell of liver, cooked or raw, normally for treats I would cook it to a rubbery consistency and cut it with scissors. I was all about getting this cake made and cooked as quickly as possible with the room well ventilated, and may have cut some corners in the hast to get this done. Thinking all the while...

'its all for you dog... see how much i love you!'.

Step 1 - make sure you have all the ingredients.

Step 2 - using a measuring jug add the eggs and whisk them a reasonable amount and add an equal measure of milk or water.

Step 3 - Blend the liver in a processor, now... for some reason my food blitzer broke when i came to this stage, and it was going to make a real mess if I continued with this step (insert Gif of blender explosion) so I thought I would just cut it up fine and it will be alright.... I also didn't want liver juices on any other surfaces so chose to use scissors to do the job, but sadly they just didn't cut as I would of hoped so I thought....

'merrrrr that'l do, it'l just be chunky'

In hind sight this is perhaps one step I should of persevered with.

Step 4 - add the flour to the egg mixture and mix it about until it looks a bit more cake like, I noticed at this point (in my attempt to contain the mess) that I need to combine the 2 in a much larger bowl, i'll leave that choice with you.

Step 5 - add the liver and mix, cue drooling dog.....