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But Don't Take My Word For It

“I have been using Jess and Dave for training 3 generations of our family dogs, first with the local dog club and then a part of 1-2-1 dog training, they think about things differently and it’s amazing the calming affect they have on dogs, thank you guys! Your help is amazing!”

Kris Michaels

“Thank you for your continued support, as newbie dog owners we didn’t have a clue and now we have a very well behaved little pup it feels too easy. Thank you from the whole family and little Sammy”

James Peterson

“Thank you 1-2-1 Dog Training, we had lots of fun at our session and the kids have maybe benefited most of all with games and fun things to teach our Rolly”

Joanna Davis

Jess and Dave are both great trainers! They are both enthusiastic and have a true love for dogs. They have helped me from when my dog was a puppy with basic training and commands, focusing on core obedience like stay, leave, and heel work. There is no way before doing this dog training I could have trust my dog to be so close to food and not worry at all that he would try to get it (see picture attached) They have also helped me more recently with techniques as my dog has developed some issues when meeting other dogs. I will continue to use 1-2-1 dog training and highly recommend!"

Emma O

"Jessica has been such a huge support to us, as first time dog owners. Even during a pandemic which has changed the way we needed to work together, Jessica has found ways to support us in the early days. With loads of advice and tips before we brought our puppy home, she’s continued to be on hand to reassure, encourage and guide. She’s certainly training the owners as much (if not more) than the puppy!

Jessica and Dave also managed to squeeze us in for an outdoor session just before lockdown, which has helped us to get out and about with confidence. As a result, walks with our pup are fun and joyful and we’re so proud of how much she’s learned so far.

None of it would be possible without Jessica’s help and positive, reward based approach. Can’t recommend her enough. Thank you, from all of us"

Ailsa A

"Highly recommend Jess and Dave, they made everything fun for me and my dog and now I know I’m doing the right thing, his heal work is already improving! he is becoming a pleasure to walk with! We will be booking again soon to learn more for sure"

Amy Victoria

A Great Reputation

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