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Puppy Training

*up to 6 months old*

Getting you off to the right start with puppy training programs, home visits and telephone consults. 

JJ Barrs Market Harborough Behaviourist & Puppy Trainer

Our Services

Happy Puppy

 1:1 Puppy Training Programs

1:1 training program to create enthusiasm and the same great learning with great results without the distractions or challenges of a class setting in Market Harborough. 

6 x 1:1 sessions at Market Harboroughs Training Yard.

1x Training Diary & Book 

You can expect to learn the following when you attend the course.  

  • Recall

  • Off Lead Safety

  • How To Get Loose Lead Walking

  • Stay & Wait

  • Socialisation
  • Middle

  • Sit, Down & Stand

  • Common sense methods

  • Greetings & Behaviour

  • Spin

  • Leave it

Starting from £200

We use motivational, reinforcing methods and fun engaging games for long lasting results anyone could use.  Each week we aim to teach you a new skill and build on the exercises from past weeks.

Each dog and handler will have a certificate upon completion of the course and a training diary to learn along with. 

Smiling Father, Mother and Son Pet and Play with Smooth Fox Terrier Retriever Dog. Sun Shi

Puppy's 1st Home Visit

A special puppy home visit to talk about anything that is on your mind, we can help you with your set up and help you with any problem areas arising at home. cut out all the online research and learn from the professionals.

To give you some ideas on how we can help:

  • Den/crate training

  • Toilet training

  • Routine

  • Avoiding carpet sharks/nipping

  • Boundaries & home living

  • Basic training to incorporate socialisation

  • Special skills set up like joining you on trips and sports.

  • Play

  • Zoomies


Check out our 121 training programs or home visits for ongoing training pay and go options.

Contact Me To Book

Puppies don't need to be fully vaccinated (please note home visits are only available within 20 mins drive of LE16 7LZ) and must be under 6 months old for your first session, (see 121 training support for older dogs and rehomes), this is designed around their developmental stages to coincide with teaching relevance. Program sessions are subject to availability, operate on Thursdays or Fridays and ideally organised weekly or bi weekly for 6 sessions. 

*Multiple Puppies (2 or more puppies of the same household) are subject to a surcharge of £30 per additional puppy for home visits and additional sessions are recommended for Beginners training programs. If you would like to book programs with a friend then please get in touch. 

*Existing older dogs are not applicable for puppy training sessions. if you are experiencing difficulties between your puppy and older dog please look at booking a behavioural assessment so you can gain the help you may truly need and do get in touch with any questions.

Following your program you could continue learning with training 121's or choose to join classes or go at it alone knowing we are here should you need us in the future. 

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Online Puppy Training

Learn how to train your puppy from day one with this self paced simple to follow online training program, perfect for busy schedules and first time puppy owners, covering all the important topics to get your puppy started in life with a knowledgeable and enthusiastic guardian. 

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Puppy Talk

£45 - telephone consult to get all your puppy questions answer

Grab a pen and paper (and a biscuit and cuppa) and lets talk all things puppy. answering all your questions or just talking about breeds, what to expect, life style and anything that is bothering you about your puppy or puppy to be.


Order Your Copy Today

A to the point, how to training diary written, illustrated and printed by JJ Barrs to help you in your training journey. 

Covering all your training fundamentals like Heel, Recall, Sit, Down, Spin, Den Training and containing my world famous livercake recipe, diary pages and manageable realistic milestone social media pages. 

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