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What's The Buzz With Settle Mats

Unleashing the Benefits of Dog Settle Mats:

In the bustling ambiance of tearooms, where patrons gather for moments of respite and relaxation, there’s a growing trend that's as heart warming as it is practical: dogs accompanying their owners for a cozy cup of tea or coffee, i love this notion and this is all my kind of dog training... the kind involving coffee and cake. For dog owners, sharing these serene moments with their furry companions brings immeasurable joy. However, ensuring that your dog remains calm and content in such settings can be a challenge. Enter the humble yet ingenious solution – the dog settle mat.

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What is a Dog Settle Mat?

A dog settle mat, also known as a calming mat or place mat, is a simple yet effective tool designed to provide dogs with a comfortable designated spot to relax, feel safe and enjoy. Typically made of soft, durable materials, these mats come in various sizes to accommodate different breeds and preferences, they are sort of like a picnic blanket for your dog (and in my case child too). They serve as a portable sanctuary, offering dogs a familiar space wherever they go, an extension of their crate, den or home. They can also work wonders for a nervous dog or a verbal dog.

Benefits of Using a Dog Settle Mat in Tearoom Visits:

1. Promotes Relaxation: Tearooms often buzz with activity, which can be overwhelming for some dogs. A settle mat provides a familiar, calming space amidst the hustle and bustle, allowing your furry friend to unwind and feel secure. We have been known to use settle mats in cars or vets to help overcome phobias (please consult a behaviourist before implementing this)

2. Encourages Good Behaviour: By establishing a designated spot for your dog, you're reinforcing positive behaviour and giving clear boundaries. With consistent use, dogs learn to associate the settle mat with relaxation, making tearoom visits a pleasant experience for everyone involved.

3. Enhances Socialization: Tearoom visits offer valuable opportunities for dogs to socialize in a controlled environment. By bringing along a settle mat, you're encouraging your dog to remain calm and composed, fostering positive interactions with fellow patrons and their pets.

4. Supports Training Goals: Whether you're working on impulse control or teaching your dog to settle in various environments, a settle mat complements your training efforts seamlessly. It serves as a tangible cue for your dog to relax and exhibit self-control, reinforcing desired behaviours over time. its one of the reasons settle mats are used within therapy training to aid in the dogs comfort boundaries and self control.

From a Dog Trainer’s Perspective:

As a dog trainer, I've witnessed first hand the transformative power of settle mats in tearoom settings. Not only do they facilitate peaceful outings for dogs and their owners, but they also contribute to the overall well-being and socialization of our four-legged companions. By incorporating settle mat training into your routine, you're not just investing in a convenient accessory – you're nurturing a harmonious bond between you and your dog.

Training a dog to use a settle mat can be a valuable skill, especially for outings to places like tearooms where they need to remain calm and relaxed. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to train your dog to use a settle mat, starting at home and gradually increasing distractions before taking it to tearooms:

  1. Choose the Right Mat: Select a specific mat or blanket designated for settling. Make sure it's comfortable for your dog to lie on and easy to transport.

  2. Introduce the Mat at Home:

  • Place the settle mat in a quiet area of your home where your dog feels comfortable.

  • Encourage your dog to approach the mat using treats or their favourite toy.

  • When your dog steps onto the mat, praise and reward them with a treat. Repeat this several times until your dog willingly steps onto the mat.

  1. Teach the Settle Command:

  • With your dog on the mat, use a cue such as "Settle" or "Chill" while gently encouraging them to lie down.

  • Reward your dog for complying with the command by offering treats or praise.

  • Gradually increase the duration your dog remains on the mat before giving the reward.

  1. Add Distractions at Home:

  • Introduce mild distractions such as low-level noises or movements while your dog is on the mat.

  • Use treats or toys to redirect your dog's attention back to the settle mat when they become distracted.

  • Reward your dog for maintaining focus on the mat despite distractions.

  1. Practice in Different Rooms:

  • Move the settle mat to different rooms in your home to generalize the behaviour.

  • Repeat steps 2 to 4 in each room, gradually increasing the level of distractions.

  1. Transition to Outdoor Distractions:

  • Take the settle mat outside to areas with mild distractions such as your backyard or a quiet park.

  • Practice the settle command while gradually exposing your dog to different outdoor stimuli such as people, other animals, and vehicles.

  1. Visit Dog-Friendly Public Places:

  • Once your dog is comfortable settling on the mat in outdoor environments, start visiting dog-friendly public places such as cafes or parks.

  • Choose places with low levels of distractions initially and gradually progress to busier environments.

  1. Practice in Tearooms:

  • Finally, when your dog is proficient at settling on the mat in various environments, introduce them to tearooms.

  • Start with quiet times of the day and gradually increase the level of activity and distractions as your dog becomes more comfortable.

  1. Reward and Reinforce:

  • Throughout the training process, continue to reward your dog for settling on the mat and remaining calm in different environments.

  • Consistency and positive reinforcement are key to successful training.

Remember, every dog learns at their own pace, so be patient and adapt the training to suit your dog's individual needs and temperament.

In conclusion, the benefits of using a dog settle mat during tearoom visits extend far beyond mere convenience. They serve as invaluable tools for promoting relaxation, encouraging good behaviour, enhancing socialization, and supporting your training goals. So the next time you plan a leisurely visit to your favourite tearoom, don't forget to pack your dog's settle mat – it's the key to a paw-sitively delightful experience for both of you.

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