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Puppy Training
Courses  £98.99 or
3x payment plan



Den Training

Toilet Training



Common Sense Methods

Recipe For Success


Starting At The Very Beginning

Sit Down & Stand


Walk To Heel

Come When Called

Touch & Spin


Wait & Stay

Play Nicely & Much More!

We've tailored our curriculum to suit the unique needs of British pups, ensuring that your little ones learn proper manners with a touch of charm. From mastering the art of a perfectly executed "sit" to conquering recall with a British flair, our course is designed to make you and your pup the talk of the dog park. 

Tea Room Training
Mini Courses From £25



Door Control

Food Manors

Settle Mat Training

Advocating For Your Dog



Tea Room Practice

Dreaming of sharing a cup of tea or a meal with your furry friend at your favourite café? Our dog training program can make this dream a reality. We've designed a comprehensive regimen to ensure your pup is the perfect dining companion, making outings enjoyable for both of you.

Complete With Video lessons

by Award Winning Behaviourist JJ Barrs

Each course includes video lessons, pictures, diagrams, downloads and everything you need to know to win at dog training!

Available to anyone, anywhere, anytime

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It's Free...


Preparation & Puppy Proofing

What To Expect From A Good Breeder

Building A Strong Bond

Basic Training Fundamentals

Health & Socialisation

Nutrition & Exercise

Problem Solving

Code of Conduct

Finding A Trainer & Behaviourist

House & Family Rules

If your Bringing a puppy home then this is just for you! learn what to expect, how to prepare and stacked full of free resources, downloads, videos and advice. Written by industry award winning puppy training specialist JJ Barrs, dog trainer and behaviourist Market Harborough. 

Training 2+ Dogs
Mini Courses From £25


Chooseing Two

First 6 Weeks

Training Two

Traveling With Two

Playing With Two

Feeding Two

Loving Two

House Rule


Play or Conflict

Welcome to "It Takes 2: Training 2 Dogs for a Multi-Dog Household," your guide to mastering the art of managing and training two dogs under one roof. Whether you're an experienced dog owner or new to the joys and challenges of a multi-dog household, this course equips you with the knowledge and skills to create a harmonious environment for both you and your canine companions.

Give your Puppy The Best Start In Life

by Award Winning Behaviourist JJ Barrs

My Passion is puppy training and I wish I could give you all the knowledge and skills you ever need to work with your dog in a positive way that builds on your bond and covers all the most important skills your dog will need.


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