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 When its more then just a bad day...

Due to an increased case load, I am currently not taking on any new behavioural  correction cases, please check back later for more availability 

Behavioural Correction
Aggression,    Fear, Excessive Barking & Other Problem Behaviours
Telephone Urgent Help Consult

To tackle concerns around aggression, separation anxiety, fears, phobias or reactivity you will firstly need a behavioural assessment and a behavioural management program will be written for you. All information including your dogs assessment is sent via email after your first session and can take me a couple of hours to complete so will be sent that evening or the following day.

Behavioral problems are the one class of problems that determine lifespan in dogs and retention in the household so this is something we take seriously and with the utmost care and patience. “Behavior is the core discipline which contributes to the pathology and clinical signs of all other conditions and the ability to recognize, diagnose and treat those conditions.”


 To include your online questionnaire, history & written confirmation,

behavioural assessment, initial training, assessment of equipment used or needed, emailed report & initial behaviour modification program in PDF. Its then up to you to continue with my support or update at any stage in your correction program or go at it alone. 

£TBC Top Up Training and ongoing email support, in a location of your choosing that is beneficial to your training goal

(1 hour session, Booked following your first session) 

Please note dog reactivity and aggression or fear will undoubtedly need more then 1 session and an appropriate plan will be advised after an initial behavioral assessment, sessions of this nature can only take place in secure locations (usually in cases of aggression or reactivity this is at our secure paddock until we can build a bond and help by teaching you the fundamentals you need in order to correctly manage the issue and a humane basket mussel may be advised so we can successfully and safely work with you). Please be honest about the current temperament of your dog, we don't judge or use unkind techniques, we would just need to handle the training session with safety first, as always, and we want you to feel able to get the help you and your dog needs. 

Home visits of this nature may require up to 2 hours for the first session and nearly always require follow up sessions to allow for an initial assessment and appropriate plan to be put into place with time to practice techniques and see some improvement. More sessions can be arranged after the initial visit.

Sessions take place on Monday, Tuesday or Thursday afternoons, or in cases of aggression Saturday afternoons at Buttercups Tearoom.

As we can cover a lot of important information in your session and i would love for your training to last a life time, you will receive written notes with your behavioural assessment after your first session by email so you can inform the rest of the family of your new techniques and refer to this as your personal training guide for your own knowledge refresh, further sessions may be advised but it is always your choice.

Lets Talk Dog

£35 - Telephone Help

Alternatively if you feel you could benefit from up to 1 hour with a telephone consult to talk about the struggles you are having at short notice and discuss how you can help your pup over come these issues then this could be the option for you. These appointments can be available within the week at short notice, so grab a pen and paper and a biscuit or 2 and lets talk dog one evening. Please keep in mind this option may not be suitable and a further face to face session may still be advised, but i am always happy to go at your pace when booking further appointments.  

In the event the session cannot go ahead due to severe weather or Covid-19 the session will be postponed to another date and you will be notified on the day. 


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