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121 Training Market Harborough

Behavioural Assessments 

Market Harborough Canine Behaviourist - JJ Barrs

IMDTB Registered

Our Services

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Behavioural Assessment

For Local Authorises, adoption/fostering application, charities and rehoming. 

Questionnaire on booking


1hr sessions at your home or relevant place.

Written PDF within 48hours of a professional assessment of your dogs general demeanour, behaviour and any advised training

1x £355

Multi dogs + £200 per dog


Professional Witness

Where a Professional Witness is essential or beneficial for a court hearing involving a dog please do get in touch for an hourly rate including expenses and travel. 

Please do consult with your vets to rule out any undiagnosed health concerns before making contact, Vets referrals can be made to

Written Behavioural Assessment 

Written notes will include: PDF format, professional assessment of behaviour, a correctional plan incorporating balanced techniques derived from positive reinforcement to create long lasting change in behaviour, a breakdown of all training practical skills advised.

*Please note dog reactivity, fear and aggression will undoubtedly need ongoing treatment and support, In order to correctly manage the issue a humane basket mussel may be advised so we can successfully and safely work with you. Please be honest about the current temperament of your dog, we don't judge or use unkind techniques, we would just need to handle the training session with safety first, as always, and we want you to feel able to get the help you and your dog needs. During your assessment we would never aim to cause a reaction (this can be unsafe) so videos can be very helpful, we will formulate a list or known triggers and assess your dogs general demeanour and signals to formulate the assessment.


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Lets Talk Dog

£45 - Urgent telephone help at short notice

Alternatively if you feel you could benefit from up to 1 hour with a telephone consult to talk about the struggles you are having at short notice and discuss how you can help your pup over come these issues then this could be the option for you. 

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