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Training a Puppy

121 Training

Helping You Find The Enjoyment In Dog Training

JJ Barrs Market Harborough Dog Trainer & IMDT Behaviourist

121 Training Market Harborough

Our Services

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Pay & Go Option

struggle to commit to weekly session? no problem.. 1 session at a time puts the lead back in your hand.


Dog Walk

121 Courses

Create enthusiasm and learn all there is with regular sessions. Courses are ideally booked weekly or every other week in blocks of 3 or 6 sessions.

3x £220

6x £420

Our Training Yard Market Harborough LE16 7LZ...

Your sessions will be based with Jess or Dave in our training yard, we could use local green spaces, town, coffee shops and street walks depending on the agenda and weather.

To give you some ideas of things we can teach you about and work with are:

  • Walking nicely on the lead.

  • Trick Training

  • Settle

  • Relationship Building

  • Coming back when called.

  • Training specific skills

  • Good citizen support

  • Therapy Dog Training

  • Calmness in cafes & bars

  • Jumping up.

  • General training

  • Barking

  • Reactivity (please note I don't have the facility to safely handle aggression cases at the moment, if your unsure just ask)

  • Dogs around live stock

  • Clicker training

  • Whistle Recall

  • Dog Behaviour Lesson to learn about dog language

Please keep in mind our first session is predominantly a chance to get to know one another, i will learn about your goals, history, limitations and any struggles, any training aids or different equipment can be recommended and initial training advice given, subsequent sessions are our opportunity to see improvement. 

Phone Consult
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Lets Talk Dog

£45 - Urgent telephone help at short notice

If you feel you could benefit from up to 1 hour with a telephone consult to talk about the struggles you are having at short notice and discuss how you can help your pup over come these issues then this could be the option for you from anywhere in the country. 

taining support

A to the point, how to training diary written, illustrated and printed by JJ Barrs to help you in your training journey. 

Covering all your training fundamentals like Heel, Recall, Sit, Down, Spin, Den Training and containing my world famous livercake recipe, diary pages and manageable realistic milestone social media pages. 


Order Your Copy Today

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