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1-2-1 Training Support
  Telephone Urgent Help Consult

The Dog Training Support 121 is a private training session for 1 on 1 teaching with Dave or Jess to tackle a struggle in training not related to fear or reactivity such as:

  • Walking nicely on the lead.

  • Coming back when called.

  • Training specific skills

  • Good citizen support

  • P.A.T Dog guidance

  • Calmness in cafes & bars

  • Jumping up.

  • General training

  • Dogs around live stock

  • Clicker training

  • Whistle Recall

  • Dog Behaviour Lesson to learn about dog language

£65 - 1st Session (1 hour), To include your online questionnaire,

temperament check, initial training, and a link to your relevant training handout.

£45 - Top Up Training and ongoing email support

(1 hour session, Booked following your first session) 

Training support sessions can take place at your home or at our paddock at buttercups (usualy in recall related sessions) or at any location relevant to your training needs. Your first session is predominantly a chance for me to assess your dog, the relationships involved, your struggles and limitations and begin to build a training program to suit you and give you the skills you need to tackle your struggle in training.

This includes your online form, history and health questionnaire, initial temperament check, & any fundamental Training to begin corrections, You may also be invited to book a follow up session and ongoing support for current clients is always an email away.

Sessions are on Monday, Tuesday or Thursday afternoons, or Saturdays at Buttercups.



Lets Talk Dog

£35 - Telephone Help

Alternatively if you feel you could benefit from up to 1 hour with a telephone consult to talk about the struggles you are having at short notice and discuss how you can help your pup over come these issues then this could be the option for you. These appointments can be available within the week at short notice, so grab a pen and paper and a biscuit or 2 and lets talk dog one evening. Please keep in mind this option may not be suitable and a further face to face session may still be advised, but i am always happy to go at your pace when booking further appointments.  

In the event the session cannot go ahead due to severe weather or Covid-19 the session will be postponed to another date and you will be notified on the day. 

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