1 - 2 - 1 Dog Training 1 - 2 - 1 Dog Training

By retired Police Dog Handler

in and around West Sussex and Surrey


1 - 2 - 1 Dog Training

by Steve Eggleton

If you are looking for a Dog Trainer in the West Sussex or Surrey area please contact me to see how I can help you with your dog training.

You may be a new owner with a new dog and do not know where to start or you may be an experienced dog owner and just need a refresher with a new dog - either way give me a ring and I can teach you what you need to know or polish up your skills.

I live near Pulborough in West Sussex and have been training dogs since 1977.

I served 30 years in the Metropolitan Police, 26 years of which as a dog handler and trainer. I handled five operational police dogs in that time and was a member of the Metropolitan Police Central Dog Display team. I also ran one of the largest Dog Training clubs in Surrey with other handlers before retiring and moving to West Chiltington.

The dog training is based on common sense, repetition, consistancy and enjoyment for the dog and handler. This method is a tried and trusted approach which has been learnt from many years of training police dogs and handlers. Once you have the basics sorted out, and the dog knows its place in your pack, your daily routine becomes more enjoyable for you all.

There is no such thing as a 'Cure All' method for training dogs, and each dog and owner are different. The secret is to find a method that suits you and your dog. Finding the right equipment can be quite hard so I will help you find the collar and lead that will be best suited for you and your dog.

If you took out every book in the library on dog training, they would all be different and offer you conflicting advice. You would then get confused which would not help you or your dog. I will find a method to suit you both so that your dog training becomes enjoyable and productive.

I will visit you at home or work or meet you at a convenient location - the choice is yours.

 If you would like to train with a friend - that is fine and you can share the cost of the training.

Give me a ring to see what I can do for you and your dog.

From puppies to adult older dogs, new owners to life long dog owners. 

You can teach an old dog ( and handlers ! ) new tricks - it just takes a little longer!

What have you got to lose apart from :-

'A Dog that Pulls'

'A Dog that Barks'

'A Dog that is too Boisterous'

'A Dog that Bites'

'A Dog that Rules the Roost'

'A Dog that is Unruly.'