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10m nylon recall training lead.

All long line training leads should be used correctly, these are designed to trail along the floor so you can intervene and call your puppy or dog back once you have effectively stopped them from bounding away from you. These leads can also be effective training aids for teaching a solid retrieve (fetch and give to hand).

A tool every dog owner should have in their tool kit.

Random colour allocation

*please use this leads with caution, they are not suitable for all environments or situations, use sensible foot ware and be aware of where the lead is at all times so to not entangle or cause rope burn. Do not try to pick up the lead when your dogs running away and ALWAYS use a harness to clip the lead to. Inspect the lead regularly for appropriate use and most importantly…. Enjoy your recall training and getting results that will last. Don’t forget to retrain in new environments and around new distractions.


10m long line training lead

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