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What People Say About Us

"I can’t recommend 121 dog training enough. We’ve been working with Jessica since before we bought our puppy home and her advice has been invaluable. She is positive, reassuring and hugely knowledgeable. She always has perfect advice to keep you on the right path. We’ve had both 121 and group lessons and would recommend both. She helps you to have fun with your dog and and has such a lovely style - you immediately feel more relaxed and confident. Definitely 5 stars ⭐️⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️"

Emerald C, UK

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If you are getting a new puppy, rehoming or have a dog with less then desirable behaviour issues we've got you covered. 

Serving Market Harborough & within 30 mins drive of LE16

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Thanks for getting in touch, JJ will get back to you with your query or link to book the next available sessions!We look forward to working with you and your dog very soon.

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Contact Me To Start Your Puppy Training Journey Today

1:1 Puppy Training Getting You Off To The Right Start

JJ Barrs - IMDTB

JJ Barrs - IMDTB

Puppy Behaviourist & Therapy Dog Trainer Award Winning Industry Puppy Training Specialist In Market Harborough



All Learning is tailored to you and your puppy and your training goals. Choose your package based on your needs.

Puppy program prep free

Puppy program prep free

All puppy programs come with free access to online training to enhance your learning.

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Thanks for getting in touch, JJ will get back to you with your query or link to book the next available sessions!We look forward to working with you and your dog very soon.

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Meet The Trainers

Thank you for taking the time to read our page and think about trusting 121 Dog Training, We are a close family run company with family life at the core of our values. We are fully insured and qualified trainers & behaviourists.

We understand the importance of having a comfortable happy life and the benefits choosing to introduce a dog into your family unit can have, whether that’s by adopting an experienced doggy or a new to the world puppy. Our aim is to teach you how to train your dog using modern science based techniques and force free and all your dogs choice where possible, allowing you to train a well rounded member of the K9 world. But where that isn't always possible and your dog has some unexpected struggles we are here for you.


  • Active member of the IMDT (institute of modern dog trainers)

  • OCN Level 5 in Dog Behaviour Analysis (IMDTB)

  • Edexcel Level 3 in Animal Management

  • OCN Diploma in Animal Behaviour

  • Certified by the Center of Excellence Dog Training

  • K9 First Aid Emergency & Canine Care

  • First Aid Trainers Licence

  • Leicestershire County Council Safeguarding trained

  • MHFA England Mental Health First Aider & SEND advocate.

  • Level 2 in CBT techniques

  • First Joint Degree in Animal Behaviour & Modern Training with published journals on clicker training vs voice markers.

  • Ofqual regulated CPD

  • Adult & Young Persons Trainer Licence

  • Ofqual Level 5 in Teaching & Adult Learning 

  • Bronze, Silver & Gold  Kennel Club Good Citizen achieved

  • Novice, Intermediate, Advanced & Expert Trick Dogs UK achieved


As an Assessed and Qualified IMDTB Member of The Institute of Modern Dog Trainers ( I am proud to display the UK Dog Behaviour & Training Charter symbol

Our job is not to judge any of your parenting choices or dogs naughty habits but to help you overcome the more difficult times with more understanding while using kind, fun and engaging techniques. We strongly believe no dog is naughty, just misguided, life with our dogs is just 1 big game and like any game, it has guidelines to follow, once our dogs understand the rules of the game everyone can enjoy playing together. 

Both JJ and Dave are active volunteers with the local dog club and nearby charities, Volunteer work is important to us and our long standing service with the local dog club is rewarding and challenging, and we love it. 


We also have a sister pet grooming company ‘Knots’n’Tangles’ who is also able to offer pet sitting and dog walking, among us, there is not much we don’t offer for our K9 family members, animals are our passion and their happiness is our drive.

IMDTB Market harborough dog trainer behaviourist jj barrs
market harborough dog trainer jj barrs

About JJ - IMDT Behaviourist & Trainer

I often get asked how I became a trainer and how I know all I do. I guess I owe my doggy whispering ways to my dad Dave, he has always been a keen trainer since I can remember.

The basis for what I know comes from growing up always considering the way animals around me think, add this to my combined first honours degree in animal behaviour, work with rescue centers, volunteering with the local dog club running classes and as an active committee member, personal continued development and qualification in training and it all comes together. I will always abide by the Kennel Club Code of conduct for trainers and am currently first aid qualified 

I always say my learning never stops because it’s never a 1 size fits all.

my own dog Roxy is my pride and joy and a prime example of a live wire with issues living harmoniously within our home, fitting in perfectly with how i had hoped. Roxy came to us at 1 year old and she was scared of anything that moved with some amazing natural working dog instincts that would take off to the other side of a field in seconds. Now i have had a human puppy of my own and Roxy is nearly 5 years old having complete her Bronze Silver & Gold good citizen and a perfect family pooch, trick and advanced training demo dog who is just a little shy and timid at times rather then scared, its lovely to have her to help socialise other dogs by example.

Training dogs is all about training people and following the dogs lead so my job, although I’m labeled a dog trainer, is in fact to assess the dogs behavior and learning style then put that into activities for the owners to gain better (and sometimes instant) results which in turn makes for a happy dog that feels understood and loved. I love seeing that golden moment when hard work turns into reward and strongly believe in making training a bonding experience for you and your dog. learning anything from 'sit' to 'play dead' can enhance the relationship between dog and owner when done in a positive and fun, engaging way.


I love a challenge and consider myself to be patient, benevolent, and engaging, i love to work with teaching new and interesting skills, puppies and especially those in need of some gentle rehabilitation. I'm only happy if the people I work with have learnt something new and come away with a better understanding of their furry family member helping their lives blend more harmoniously.

About Dave - KC Dog Trainer

Hi my name is Dave you might know me for my work with Market Harborough Dog Club over the last 25 years, but I have been involved in dog training/instructing/teaching for over 40 years in lots of different disciplines and clubs.

Or you may know my dog Freddie, he is a Goldendoodle (golden retriever x miniature poodle) and an excellent social dog, he has a way with other dogs (and people) that gives them courage, or calms them from anxieties, he can show puppies the way and keep distance from those that need it.

I firmly believe that a well-trained dog is a happy dog, a dog that you can be proud of, a dog that you can take anywhere.

This has always driven me to help others train their dogs in a pleasant way with understanding and without force or intimidation but at the same time with the guidance they need to fit into our society.

Over the years I’ve picked up many tips, tricks and modern dog training techniques that I love to pass on to other owners. Every partnership between dog and owner is different and unique i enjoy a challenge and would love to continue learning from the dogs we meet. 

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