Going On Holiday With Your Dog

Taking your dog on holiday with you can be extremely rewarding, it can improve the bond that you have and your dogs perception of the world which of course helps with overall training and growing up, if it’s done right.

I've more often then not gone away with my dog(s), we have been camping, staying in hotels, chalets and ive even been luck enough to enjoy the odd spa. Many locations are becoming more dog friendly and if your ever in doubt just ask, ask the cafe, shop, accommodation or attraction and don't be afraid to friendly challenge the 'no dog' rule in some establishments, if more of us do this then more places will not just allow dogs but encourage them because of the business it brings.

Then try your best to not spoil it for everyone else by taking the proper precautions, and for that, your in the right place....


Imagine the holiday you want with your dog, all those snugly nights and days exploring, playing and just enjoying yourselves, having a dog that does as expected without even being told. Great.... now you have an end goal in mind.... to get there however.... there are some things to consider and the number one cardinal rule:

Don't assume your dog knows how to behave somewhere else just because they behave that way at home.

Go into each situation and location expecting to show your dog how to behave by correcting anything wrong instantly and setting them up for success by instructing them on where they should lay down, when they should come back to you, how far they can wonder away, who they can play with, what they can play with and eat, how they should tell you they want to go out to the toilet and where they can go safely? etc....

The saying goes: A holiday can make or break a friendship.


  • Visiting rural cottages that have walking routes right on their doorstep

  • Enjoy the companionship of your dog

  • Get away with all members of the family – including your pet

  • Save on kennel fees – if you have two dogs, it can double the price of your holiday!

Packing list:

As well as bringing plenty of food and necessary equipment – such as your dog’s lead, poo bags and a water bowl – it is important that you also bring home comforts with you to help your dog settle in to their new, temporary surroundings. You may wish to bring their bed, their blanket and their favourite toys.

  • dog bed

  • dog bowl, water & food

  • crate

  • extra towels & blankets

  • dog safe sun cream - brown and pink noses

  • coats for breeds that need them

  • dog brush

  • scissors

  • tick remover

  • shampoo

  • toys inc the favourite

  • dog food for every day

  • bottled water for the car

  • black out blinds or sun visors for the car