Walk To Heel Workshop

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Young woman walking her dog on a street,

Heel Workshop


Heal work is one of the hardest things for a dog to learn, we are asking them to not do a whole lot! by that i mean... not to sniff that bush, or that blade of grass, don't chase that cat or bark at that bag blowing in the wind, don't walk there.... or there.... don't wee on that nice ladies leg, or that not nice ladies leg (good doggie ;-)


This 2 hour workshop is all you need to know to improve your dogs walk on lead. we will use games and positive reward techniques to work on your skills.

You can expect to learn about:

  • Correct leads, collars and harnesses for your dog.

  • Keeping a loose lead.

  • Formal walks & relaxed walks.

  • Establishing the heal position.

  • Using reward based training.

  • Distraction handling.

​This workshop is for anyone with a dog that struggles walking on a lead to heal, perhaps they pull or zig zag around and get easily distracted, but please keep in mind a workshop is not advised for everyone and especially where aggression is part of the problem, you may like to consider a 121 first. 


Workshops currently operate on Saturdays at Buttercups Tea room (Billesdon, LE7 9FE) using a secure outside paddock. To see our availability, book, or join our waiting list click the link below and  follow our facebook page for latest booking release dates.