'Your Little Book of Dog Training'
- Jessica Barrs


some items are available to purchase online or you can reserve and buy items at your next training session or contact me to arrange collection or delivery. 

Payments can be made via cash, card or a payment link sent to your mobile number. 

19 Social Media Milestone Cards

Dog Training Milestone Social Media Cards available on Etsy (follow the link above)


10m Training Long Line Lead

Your lead doesn't have to be anything fancy, ideally you want it to be a viable colour, light weight for the little - medium dogs and slightly more durable for the larger breeds.


long line.jpg

Magnetic House Collar and Lead

These are fabulous tried and tested collars, available in M or L/XL the lead attaches to the collar when not in use and available at short notice to help you take control without the fuss of clipping on a lead.



Training Clicker

Reliable consistent clicker to be used in accordance with training instructions.



Your Little Book of Dog Training

The book with all you need to know about the training basics, written, illustrated and printed and bound by myself, included with 19 social media cut out milestone cards

available on Etsy (follow the link above or click on the picture below)


Silicone Treat Pouch

A must have for training! these clip onto your belt or project your pocket and can be placed in the dishwasher for cleaning. clip boxes and plastic bags can be very fiddly and when timing is crucial....



Training Whistle

Available in different designs and should be used in accordance with training instructions.



Tennis Balls

Used Tennis Balls are perfect for dogs


tennis ball.jpg

Pottering About By JJ Barrs
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