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Beginners Class 1:1  Program

From £200

Market Harborough Dog Trainer JJ Barrs

The Beginners 1:1 class programs are designed for dogs over 6 months who are either starting from scratch or have experienced a struggle in training with things like greetings, control around distractions, heel work or recall and would like to learn some basic fun games to enjoy with their pet. The joy of 1:1 teaching is we can support you in any way you may need, if that's working on lead walking for 1 session or all of them, or dropping our learning agenda to help you with an issue that has arisen.  

We use motivational, reinforcing methods and fun engaging games for long lasting results anyone could use.  Each week we aim to teach you a new skill and build on the exercises from past weeks. You can expect to learn the following when you attend the course.  

  • Recall

  • Off Lead Safety

  • How To Get Loose Lead Walking

  • Stay & Wait

  • Socialisation in The Correct Way
  • Middle

  • Sit, Down & Stand

  • Common sense methods

  • Spin

  • Leave it

Each dog and handler will have a certificate upon completion of the course and a copy of your own training diary so you can continue learning at home each week and really retain the knowledge we give you. 


 To see our availability, book, or join our waiting list click the 'Book Now' link below and  follow our facebook page for latest booking release dates or get in touch below for bespoke dates. 

Please do let me know if your dog has been known to show unprovoked aggression to another dog or person before booking into any group classes, or if your dog is particularly nervous or verbal, due to the age of dogs in some classes being mixed we just need to be sure to take extra measures where necessary for safety and ensure everyone and their dog has an enjoyable experience.


Order Your Copy Today

A to the point, how to training diary written, illustrated and printed by JJ Barrs to help you in your training journey. 

Covering all your training fundamentals like Heel, Recall, Sit, Down, Spin, Den Training and containing my world famous livercake recipe, diary pages and manageable realistic milestone social media pages. 

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