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Handmade, written & illustrated by myself JJBARRS IMDT - Behaviourist market Harborough.

I’m a behaviourist and trainer, “121 Dog Training” is my company and I understand how much work goes into these behaviours we train our dog todo. I began to realise there is a need for a dog training ‘how to’ that also gives you realistic goals and accomplishment milestones. We reward our dogs for little wins so why shouldn’t we enjoy those same wins…. Now when you have complete a section and managed to shape your dogs behaviour you can also share your success with us and your friends and followers. Be the change you want to see…. Make it happen with this all in 1 book written and developed by professionals for use by pet dog owners.

You can also purchase the social media cards separately amongst other items in my shop.

*these are printed to order so please allow slightly longer for processing and postage.

You will receive an a5 handmade training diary/book written by me, plastic ring bound printed on bright white and covered front and back with a clear plastic protector.

This book is designed to help puppy and dog owners achieve results with your furry family member. Also in this book are 19 a5 training milestone cut out cards printed on bright white paper.

Covering training from the moment your doggy or puppy comes to live with you and until they are much older.

Using force free methods and reward based training that I teach day in day out, this is how it’s done!! all my dog training secrets revealed in this one handy book.

Remember every dog is different and you shouldn’t compare yours to another since each handler (that’s you) and dog will have their own set of challenges. This book cover the topics I feel are training essentials with 1 or 2 fun ones thrown in because making it fun is also essential.

Thank you for looking and I hope you enjoy your training journey and share your wins with me on social media ❤️🐶👍🤩

*these are for personal use only and not for resale however if you would like to use these for commercial purposes or resale please do get in touch.

My Diary For Dog Training : Foundation & Beginners

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