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Puppy Socialisation Check List

Updated: Feb 6, 2021

For lockdown and beyond, a socialised puppy makes a happy doggy :)

Puppy Socialation Check List
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This is a comprehensive list of a socializing bucket list if you like, its vital for a puppies development to explore the world around them. Your puppy should experience a wide range of people, objects, sounds and animals before they mature. Your help in slowly working threw this checklist with your puppy in a calm, confident and controlled way will help your pup build a confident and knowledgeable base for later on development.

This is when you want to think about how you intend for your puppy to fit in with your life style, do you want your pup to eventually come jogging with you, hiking, swimming or do you ant your dog to be at home or come to work with you in a shop or nursery or perhaps they will accompany you on your delivery rounds. However you intend for your pup to integrate into your life you will want to expose them to as many positive learning experiences as you can think off, a couple of new things a day, this time is not for formal training but more for getting to know you and building a trusting enjoyable friendly loving bond with you and the whole family.

Usually a puppy goes to its new home at 8 weeks when they are successfully weened from their mothers and ready to explore the world. between now and 14 weeks is the time to really focus on exposing your pup to as many positive things as possible. You can of course do this after 14 weeks but with their development in line with exploring surroundings and learning what is a risk and what isn't it is crucial in their development to see as much as they can and to keep things positive. turn this into a game, a bingo card if you will... even in lock down many of these things can be ticked off and your puppy can continue to gain some understanding of the wider world by just going on a walk a day.

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