How To Teach Your Dog A Great Game of Fetch

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

Its As Easy As Trow, Throw, Throw!

Contrary to popular belief dogs don’t know how to play fetch, we have to show them the rules of the game and how fun it can be and we can do that by breaking it down and teaching in steps 1. Start with about 10 tennis balls (try to get proper tennis balls, they last longer then the dog toy ones) Sit at one end with your balls in a corridor like area of your house (with least items to sniff or distractions) 2. Get puppy interested in the tennis ball by bouncing it, running it around the floor etc..... then throw the ball.... pup will probably chase the ball and give it a sniff. 3. Call puppy back using your high exciting voice and as soon as they return throw another ball (don’t ask for sit or praise just throw).... puppy will chase another ball. ​ 4. Repeat these steps until they pick one up and bring it back to you When they return with a ball if they don’t give you the ball just throw another one. ​ 5. Repeat these steps of ‘just throw’ until they bring a ball back and drop it. Then right away pick up that ball and throw it (don’t praise or do anything else, just throw). ​ You can also teach fetch threw a game of ‘tug of war’ tug the toy and let go so puppy wins then when they bring it back play again. If you want them to give just make the toy boring.... don’t move it or tug and puppy will drop it so you can engage again as the reward. ​ Remember to Keep this fun and engaging for your pup and play for 5 mins with plenty of breaks, after a while you will have a dog who will fetch a ball reliably making your life a lot easier! You can stand in a field and wear them out, control them at a distance, bond with them over a great recall game and lets face it.... it looks impressive if your dog comes back to you every time and hands you the ball. ​ It’s as simple as ‘just throw!’ But easier said then done, have fun!

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