• JJ Barrs

Beginners Class Hand Out

Updated: 8 hours ago

All training advice written here is to be used in line with the corresponding Beginners training sessions. If you require further explanation, please do get in touch we are only more then happy to help.

Also see my puppy socialization check list and begin ticking things off as soon as you get your puppy.

Keep all training fun, engaging with high end rewards like cheese, chicken or liver (for more information on treats and why/how we use them check this out). If you get frustrated ask for something simple like a sit so your dog can have their reward, then leave it and come back after a break. If your dog isn’t understanding think what you can do differently to help your dog get it right?... make it easier, show them, use your imagination.

There is a time and a place for your stern and your fun voice, hopefully after the course you will have a better idea of when to use either to achieve the desired response from your pooch but you will have to use your initiative, this will get easier the more you bond and learn your dogs signals.

For those of you that do well with simple lists here it is with more explanation below:
  • Heel walks - turning, leave, watch me, follow the treat

  • Middle

  • Leave - 1 treat & 2 (1 on the floor), walking

  • Touch

  • Recall - treat drop game, hide and seek, basic run back

  • Stay - throw a treat behind, step out in front,

  • Wait - i'm calling you

  • Clip on clip off lead

  • Spin & Twist

  • Sit, Down & Stand - touchy feely


Some of you may notice my very handy treat pouches, shop around to find the cheapest ones but hears a link to help you in the right direction.

You may wish to also purchase a long line training lead to carry on your recall training, here is an example, it doesn't have to be anything special, the lighter the better and 10m is plenty to work with.

Toilet training

Be sure to clean any mess spots thoroughly, take your puppy outside after you wake, they nap, eat, drink, play etc… giving them plenty of chances to go. When they go outside overlay your command calmly and calmly praise after. If they go in the house pick them up and praise once feet touch the floor outside and give them another chance to go again outside, training pads or leaving your back door open are not recommended methods.

Heel work

Use a standard lead and collar (holding it how i have shown you), save your harnesses and other leads for your casual countryside stroll. Practice for a few steps on each walk and do ‘training walks’ – go ou