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Fun Hoopers (NFC)
Inc. Improvers Obedience

£40 Introduction to Hoopers course - starting each month throughout Spring & Summer)

£10 per drop in session - after completion of your introduction course, new class every week to carry on with your skills and learning)

Nothing but fun and games with your dog, this can be a class for any age dog and human (under 18's much be accompanied by an adult at all times) and a great opportunity to bond with your furry family member. This is for you if your dog has complete the beginners course or is able to do the basics reliably & well (get in touch if you have questions about your dogs existing abilities).

Canine Hoopers is designed to protect the long term well-being of the dog by maintaining flowing courses of low impact obstacles and aims to be an inclusive dog sport making sure that this sport is accessible to all dogs and handlers, in particular large and tiny breeds, dogs which require a little extra space, patience or understanding and also to handlers with limited mobility.

The course will consist of:



Turn points


Tango mats

The aim of this sport is to teach your dog to drive itself threw the hoops and around the course while you stand in the middle giving clear signals for your dog from afar. we first work to the dogs ability and run with them or practice from standing and offer you time to run with the clock to beat your personal best score or get a little competitive with your fellow class members. 


Everything you do with your dog will help with their overall behaviour and obedience but these classes are designed to be all about fun and are not for competition (NFC).

I don’t need to tell you that studies have shown dogs learn tremendously well threw play and much like a 6-18 month old baby does..... well.... what toddler wouldn’t love to play a game of hoopers and running with their family threw tunnels?! By using fun activities like hoopers, scent work, agility etc.... you will be improving your overall dog handling ability as well as and not limited to: 

Heel work




Separation issues

Unsociable issues

Attention to name

Distance commands/control 

& Speedy response to commands

So with all that in mind we have taken the sport of hoopers and will be helping you achieve more from your dogs while keeping it fun and engaging for dogs of all sizes who have complete the beginners or can do the basics reliably and well.

Hoopers currently operate on Saturdays at Buttercups Tea room (Billesdon, LE7 9FE) using a secure outside paddock. To see our availability, book, or join our waiting list please click bellow. First timers are encouraged to book a block of 4 weeks and anyone attending after can come for as many sessions as you like booking for 1 week or more. Don't forget to follow our facebook page for the latest booking release dates and cancellations. 

Classes Every Week

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