White Labrador Retriever sniffs a row of
shiba inu dog touching palm of hand with

Fun Intermediate Training

Fun for all with non contact games. 

Coming Soon

Nothing but fun and games with your dog, this can be a class for any age dog and human (under 18's much be accompanied by an adult at all times) and a great opportunity to bond with your furry family member. This is for you if your dog has complete the beginners course or is able to do the basics reliably & well (get in touch if you have questions about your dogs existing abilities).


Everything you do with your dog will help with their overall behaviour and obedience but these classes are designed to be all about fun! You can expect to learn some of the below topics and we will go where the class takes us so no set of classes will be the same. 

  • Trick Training

  • K9 Scent Work

  • Rally Obedience

  • Intermediate Training


Classes currently operate on Saturdays at Buttercups Tea room (Billesdon, LE7 9FE) using a secure outside paddock. To see our availability, book, or join our waiting list click the link below and  follow our facebook page for latest booking release dates. 

Classes Every Week