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Agility training can be beneficial for both dogs and owners. Agility training is great for developing your bond and communication skills, keeping your signals clear and your dog learns to follow your lead threw the obstacle course. we keep everything fun and engaging and teach at the dogs individual levels offering a timed section to work on your personal best or get a little competitive between the class.

Some of the Benefits include:

  • Exercise to maintain and better health

  • Increased flexibility

  • Increasing alertness

  • Developing communication skills between owner and dog

  • Developing speed and accuracy with distance commands

  • Builds on confidence

  • improves reactive tenancies

  • Intermediate obedience skills

  • learning to look at handler for direction

  • Improving coordination

  • Establishing trust and confidence with owner



The following equipment is used in competition:

  • Tunnels 

  • Dog high walk 

  • Pause table or box

  • Jumps 

  • A-Frame

  • Weave Poles

Dogs normally love agility, they can be hesitant to start with so we take each obstacle with care and ensure it's all just about fun, normally once your dog has done it once they cant wait to go again. 

You can choose to continue with your agility and get to show standard, and even enter heats to enter Crufts, or if that's not your style you can come and just enjoy playing with your dog in a game they love.


This sport might not be for every dog and owner, basic skills must be already learnt reliably well, such as sit, wait or stay, & come when called. The dog must be well developed physically before participating in the contact obstacles and jumps so its depending on breed but its recommended to wait until they are 12 months old, please consult with your vet if you have any concerns relating to overall suitability and health.


Some reactive dogs can partake in this sport and will experience less behavioural issues but you must be sensible in your approach, there will be dogs running off lead so you may like to consider a mussel during practices and waiting. We always recommend you have relevant pet insurance when you own a dog and especially if you wish to partake in any sports. 

Agility can be a very rewarding sport and a game time that every dog looks forward to each week. 

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