Come When Called Workshop

We Have All Seen Fenton Run! (Well now you have :-D) Dont let this be you.

Big white dog running along the road aga

Recall Workshop


If you can relate because your dog is the one that doesn't always come back for what ever reason, then this 1 hour workshop is for you. This is designed to give you the tools you need to have a fast and efficient recall no matter the distance or distraction. we aim to give you the activities you need to practice in order to give power to your recall.

In your session you can expect to learn about:

  • Using a long line training lead

  • Harness vs collar

  • A proactive call

  • Evoking a Chase

  • Distraction Training

  • Your control bubble

  • Using tools such as whistles and balls


Workshops currently operate on Saturdays at Buttercups Tea room (Billesdon, LE7 9FE) using a secure outside paddock. To see our availability, book, or join our waiting list click the link below and  follow our facebook page for latest booking release dates.