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Tea Time Training

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Dreaming of sharing a cup of tea or a meal with your furry friend at your favourite café? Our dog training program can make this dream a reality. We've designed a comprehensive regimen to ensure your pup is the perfect dining companion, making outings enjoyable for both of you. Important Dog Training Topics covered with easy to follow training exercises: Behaviour Transformation: Foundational commands like sit, stay, and come. Instil essential socialization skills for comfort in various environments. Walking Etiquette: Teach loose leash walking for enjoyable outings. Eliminate leash pulling for a calm walking experience. Impulse Control: Train your dog to resist temptations like begging or food snatching. Foster self-control in challenging public settings. Calmness in Crowds: Create a serene atmosphere by teaching your dog to settle calmly. Build confidence in bustling environments through desensitization and socialization exercises. Settle Mat Training: The ease of using a settle mat as a training aid. How to encourage calmness Polite Greetings: Install polite greeting etiquette for positive interactions. Prevent jumping or excessive excitement when meeting new friends. Positive Reinforcement: Harness the power of positive reinforcement to motivate desired behaviours. Watch your dog thrive with praise, treats, and play. Patience and Consistency: Emphasize on the importance of patience and consistency in training. Guide owners through each step, offering support and encouragement. Understanding Rules: Educating on pet-friendly establishment guidelines for enjoyable outings. Embark on a journey to canine companionship with our expert guidance. Join our program today and enjoy memorable moments with your well-trained companion.

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