Behaviour Consulting

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(A charitable rate can be agreed for rescue centers or dog re homing facilities, please get in touch for more information.)

​Help with difficult behaviours that would require a behavioural assessment further help and guidance such as (but not limited to) phobias & fears, aggression towards other dogs or humans, if you are expecting a baby or getting another puppy or pet and need help in getting your dog to adjust, guarding behaviours, hyperactivity, or separation anxiety.

There are 4 aspects to this process.

  • The Consultation – To gather essential information about you and your dog. (Via phone or internet)

  • The Meeting – To work directly with you and your dog. (At your home or relevant area)

  • The Report – To give you a concisely written reference guide to everything that we have covered. (Via email)

  • The Follow Up Visit – To ensure that progress is being made and give further advice as required.

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