Behaviour Consulting

Personalized and Professional

Currently no bookings for home visits are being taken due to covid restrictions

(A charitable rate can be agreed for rescue centers or dog re homing facilities, please get in touch for more information.)

​Help with difficult behaviours that would require a home visit or/and behavioural assessment further help and guidance such as (but not limited to) excessive barking, phobias & fears, aggression towards other dogs or humans, if you are expecting a baby or getting another puppy or pet and need help in getting your dog to adjust, food pinching, nipping, guarding behaviours, hyperactivity, or separation anxiety.


I will hope to see the behaviour you are having problems with and where aggression is of concern you may wish to use a mussel for safety. After witnessing the behaviour i will work with you to overcome the issues and give you the exercises you need to work on this long term if needed, this is where we will be able to determine if more then 1 session would be beneficial. Following our meeting i will summaries our meeting with a follow up email and touch base with you after our meeting to see how things have improved.

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