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Dog Training

JJ Barrs

Behaviourist & Pet Dog Trainer


About Us

1-2-1 dog training is a family run business with experienced, insured and qualified trainers/behaviorists Jessica & Dave, totaling a combined 50+ years experience training pet dogs.

We offer 1-2-1 training, obedience classes, fun classes such as agility, Rally O, Scent Work, tricks and specialist advice and behavior management consultations.

Our learning never stops because it’s never a 1 size fits all.

Training dogs is all about training people and following the dogs lead ( do you like what I did there) so our job, although we are labeled dog trainers, is in fact to assess the dogs behavior and learning style then put that into activities for the owners to gain better (and sometimes instant) results which in turn makes for a happy dog that feels understood and loved. its our passion to not just teach these skills but to explain their importance in every day life, its only then a handler (that's you) can really understand their dogs behaviour themselves.

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