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By retired Police Dog Handler

in and around West Sussex and Surrey


'You came to see us & our Springer spaniel Poppy a while ago now, we were at the end of our tether with her & you were our last hope. Well since your visit there have been tremendous improvements in her behaviour, she is a completely different dog & a joy to have in our family. I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU.  We have recommended you to all our friends & family & will continue to pass on your excellent name on to any dog owner with problems. You truly are a miracle worker with dogs' 

Alison & Matt & of course Poppy 



'I have to say that so far things are going really well, my next door neighbour even asked me today whether he was the same dog as this is the first time he has just sat down nicely to be stroked and not jumped all over her!! I really cant thank you enough for all your help, you made the whole session really interesting and the transformation in Bud in such a short period of time is nothing short of miraculous.'J 

Thanks again



This time last week I was desperately worried about the behaviour of my 8 month Staffie pup as I felt totally unable to control him.  Less than a week later I cannot believe the change in Shadow who has become a different dog.  I no longer dread walking him as I am now able to control him thanks to your intervention.  He now walks beautifully to heel and I am able to restrain him when we meet other dogs/people.  Whilst there is still work to do, you have now given me the tools to work with and confidence in my ability to handle him.


Having spent many hours (and a great deal of money) at puppy training classes which had given me the ability to make him sit for about 30 seconds, I now have a dog who has amazed family and neighbours with his new set of manners and obedience.  I have taken on board all your suggestions and am now a very happy and relaxed dog owner eternally grateful for your help.


Thank you so much, I  wholeheartedly recommend you to anyone with any issues with their dog.


Very best wishes